Discover Invisalign in Winston-Salem

Start your path to a brighter smile with our orthodontic team in Winston-Salem. Our experienced orthodontists specialize in Invisalign, providing top-notch care from our local office.

Invisalign's Impact

Invisalign has reshaped orthodontics. It uses tailored, clear aligners to align teeth, skipping metal parts. These clear pieces are hard to spot, making them a favorite for those wanting a natural smile during treatment. Invisalign has changed how people view braces and has attracted many, including adults who were unsure about regular braces.

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Understanding Invisalign

The Invisalign journey starts with a free consultation, where we digitally scan your teeth to plan your treatment. You get a series of clear pieces, each shifting your teeth bit by bit. You'll change these pieces every week or two, slowly getting your teeth in place. These pieces can be taken out, so cleaning is easy and you can eat freely. Regular check-ins make sure everything's on track.

Why Pick Invisalign?

Invisalign has many perks. The clear pieces are hard to notice, giving a subtle way to fix your teeth. They can be taken out, so you can eat and drink freely. This also helps keep your teeth clean. You won't need to visit us often, great for those always on the move. Plus, Invisalign usually works faster than regular braces, with most done in 12 to 18 months.

Hard-to-Notice Pieces

Invisalign's clear pieces are subtle, perfect for those who care about looks.

Take Them Out When Needed

You can remove the pieces, so you're free to eat and drink without worry, unlike with regular braces.

Simple Teeth Cleaning

You can take the pieces out to brush and rinse, keeping your teeth clean during treatment.

Fewer Visits Needed

You won't need to see us often with Invisalign, a plus for busy folks.

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Your Comfort is Our Goal

Your ideal smile is closer than you think. We focus on your comfort and happiness in our Winston-Salem office. Book your free consultation today and move towards a smile-filled future.