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Are you dreaming of a straight, confident smile — and an easier, more convenient path to straightening your teeth?

At Bisig + Chermak Orthodontics, we are proud to offer modern metal braces — especially the innovative option of self-ligating braces. These cutting-edge braces use advanced technology to provide an efficient, comfortable orthodontic treatment experience.

What Are Braces Made of?

Metal braces are the gold (ha-ha) standard for orthodontic treatment. Dr. Bisig and Dr. Chermak craft your braces from high-grade stainless steel brackets, which are attached to your teeth and connected by archwires.

The brackets and wires apply gentle, continuous pressure to shift your teeth into their ideal positions over time.

How Do Traditional Metal Braces Work

Metal braces use brackets, archwires, and elastic bands to apply controlled pressure to your teeth, guiding them into the perfect position for your smile.

Here's a breakdown of how metal braces work:

  • Brackets: We securely bond the brackets to the front surface of each tooth with a special dental adhesive. These brackets act as anchors for the archwire.
  • Archwire: We thread the archwire through each bracket. This allows it to exert gentle pressure on your teeth. It acts as a guide, gradually moving your teeth into the correct position.
  • Elastic Bands: Elastic bands, or ligatures, hold the archwire within the brackets. They come in a number of fun colors, so you can add a touch of personality to your braces.

Over time, with regular adjustments and periodic tightening of the archwire, your teeth will gradually shift into their optimal alignment, giving you a beautifully straight smile.

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An Exciting New Treatment

Self-ligating braces are a modern orthodontic alternative to traditional braces. Unlike traditional braces that require elastic bands or ligatures to hold the archwire in place, self-ligating braces feature a unique sliding mechanism built into the brackets themselves.

This means they don’t need the ligatures, or elastic bands, of traditional braces, so they’re less noticeable and easier to maintain.

How Do Self-Ligating Braces Work?

Self-ligating braces use a specialized sliding door or clip mechanism within the brackets to secure the archwire.

This design gives Dr. Bisig and Dr. Chermak greater control over tooth movement and decreases friction between the archwire and brackets. That means you experience less discomfort and faster treatment progress.

Benefits of Self-Ligating Braces

The benefits speak for themselves with self-ligating braces, but we’ll help them out a little. With self-ligating braces, you’ll get:

  • Faster Treatment Time – Self-ligating braces often require fewer adjustments and can lead to shorter overall treatment times compared to traditional braces. The efficient mechanics of self-ligation enable more precise tooth movement, expediting your journey to a straighter smile.
  • Enhanced Comfort – The absence of elastic bands or ligatures in self-ligating braces reduces friction and pressure on the teeth, resulting in a more comfortable orthodontic experience. The reduced force needed for tooth movement can lead to less discomfort during adjustments and fewer sore spots in the mouth.
  • Easier Maintenance – Self-ligating braces are easier to clean and maintain compared to traditional braces. With no elastic bands or ligatures to deal with, plaque and food particles have fewer areas in which to get trapped, which promotes better oral hygiene throughout your treatment.
  • Improved Aesthetics – Self-ligating braces offer a more streamlined appearance. The absence of external ligatures makes the braces less noticeable, allowing you to feel more confident while undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Fewer Emergency Visits – The self-ligating system reduces the chances of emergencies such as broken or loose ligatures, which may require additional visits to the orthodontist. This means fewer disruptions to your daily life and treatment progress.

Are Self-Ligating Braces Right for Me?

Self-ligating braces are fantastic for many orthodontic cases, but Dr. Bisig and Dr. Chermak will always put the best possible plan for our Winston-Salem, Clemmons, and King patients at the forefront of every visit.

This means they’ll work closely with you to figure out if self-ligating braces are the perfect choice for you.

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Take the First Step on Your Smile Journey

At Bisig + Chermak Orthodontics, we're committed to helping you discover a smile that radiates confidence and transforms your life.

With our expertise in self-ligating braces and personalized care, we strive to make your orthodontic journey comfortable, efficient, and rewarding.

If you’re in or around Winston-Salem, Clemmons, or King, call today or fill out our forms to schedule your free consultation and discover how this advanced orthodontic option can enhance your smile and oral health. Don't let orthodontic concerns hold you back any longer.

With self-ligating braces, you can enjoy a beautiful smile with greater convenience and comfort.