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Bisig & Chermak Orthodontics offers a modern and easy-to-reach orthodontic clinic in Winston-Salem. Our expert orthodontists Dr. Bisig and Dr. Chermak are prepared to create your own personalized treatment plan today.

Start Your Smile Makeover in Winston-Salem

Our orthodontic center in Winston-Salem is all about top-notch braces solutions in a cozy environment. Our experienced orthodontists and staff are ready to help you get that perfect smile.

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Different Ways to Straighten Your Teeth

We offer various braces options in Winston-Salem, from classic metal ones to the latest clear aligners. Pick what suits your needs, whether it's effectiveness, being low-key, or ease.

Metal Braces

Our traditional metal braces use the latest technology to craft a world-class smile at an approachable price.

Clear Braces

Want something less noticeable? Our clear braces work just as well as metal ones but are harder to spot.

Personalized Invisalign

Try our custom-made, easy-to-remove clear aligners if you want a discreet and handy option.

Long-Term Benefits of Braces

Get lasting perks from braces at Winston-Salem Orthodontics. From giving kids a head start on great smiles to discreet options for adults, braces are beneficial for all ages. Boost your dental health and self-esteem with us.

For Kids

Early braces checks can catch and fix issues early, setting kids up for great smiles and healthy jaws.

For Teens

Teens have lots of choices, from regular braces to new-age aligners, fitting their busy and social lives.

For Adults

It's never too late for a great smile. Our treatments are designed to fit into your daily life, work or play.

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Start working on your stunning smile now. Your comfort and happiness are our top priorities. Schedule a free consultation with us to find your next treatment.